Injured Player

Nothing should stop you from playing the sport you love.

We love the benefits of weekly play, but pickleball addiction can lead to serious injuries. According to Forbes Magazine almost $400 million this year.

One injury can take you out for months if you don’t have the right warmup and recovery routine. Stay in the game and play your best with must-know warmups and therapy used by the pros..

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Techniques Used By The Pros

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Performance and Recovery Plan

Make a Performance and
Recovery PLAN

Build a warmup routine and recovery plan that you practice every week.

Stay in the Game and Win

Stay in the Game and WIN!

With strengthening and recovery exercises, you can play at your best and avoid costly injuries.

“Thanks Dr. C!

I wouldn’t have been able to play without your help. I appreciate you.”


Whether you have just begun playing pickleball, are a seasoned athlete or only play occasionally, these must-know techniques will let you Stay in the Game and have more fun with your family and friends!

Tour proven on top Professional Pickleball Players like Ben Johns, Parris Todd, Annaleigh Waters, Collin Johns, Simone Jardim, AJ Koller…


More Games, More WINS

Success stories from our unstoppable pickleball friends:

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“Dr. C is the best!

Andrei Daescu

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“She makes me feel like a new person!”

Andrea Koop

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“It’s made a huge difference!”

Yates Johnson

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“I always feel better.”

Travis Rittenmaier

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“The best adjustment I’ve ever had!”

KaSandra Gehrke

Must-Know Techniques to
Play Like the Pros

Learn warmups and strength training, and make a plan to support your game every week.

Play your best while avoiding injury to keep the fun going game after game.

Follow your plan of recovery elements to stay on the court and recover faster.

What will an injury cost you?

When you dive head-first into pickleball, it’s too easy to underestimate the demand on your body. Without the right preventative and care techniques, you could be injured and stuck on the sidelines unnecessarily:

Missing the social boost of community games
X  Missing health benefits of fun, outdoor cardio activity
Lacking practice while friends continue to improve
Feeling restless, anxious about the pain, and frustrated
X  Creating chronic or permanent issues without the right care and attention

It’s easier than you might think to avoid injury and get back on the court quickly… if you know what to do!

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Dr. Cynthia Boccara



Meet “Dr. C” Cynthia Boccara, D.C. 

Like most people who discover pickleball, I went all in immediately. I’d played tennis in my youth so I knew how to drive the ball… but my body isn’t the same as it was when I was 15. Before long, injuries took me out of the sport I’d become obsessed with.

I’d been in sports chiropractic for over 30 years by the time I started treating professional pickleball players. These techniques put me back on my feet and have worked for my patients. Now it’s time to share them with you.

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Don’t let injuries take you out.

Pickleball is one of the best sports for health and longevity. Keep the joy and health going with must-know techniques to boost your performance and recovery.

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